Upgrade - version 1.1.133:
If you have a working installation of pDRAW32 and need to upgrade, there is no reason to uninstall and reinstall. Simply download the exe file and overwrite your existing exe file. If a more recent version of any of these files exists, you should download it and overwrite the corresponding files in your pDRAW32 installation directory.
pDRAW32.EXE revision 1.1.133 (316 kb) 
Also place TransFac.dat file in your installation directory
pDRAW32.zip July 23 2017
Restriction enzyme data file (6 kb) enzymes.zip November 13 2013
Restriction enzyme data file including
I-CeuI, I-PpoI, I-SceI, PI-PspI, PI-SceI homing enzymes (6 kb)
Gateway aat sites and loxP, lox66 and lox71
Note: homing enzymes treated as restriction enzymes
(perfect match required) for the time being.
homing.zip May 6 2014

Installation - version 1.1.133:
To install pDRAW32 you should download the pDRAW32setup.zip file and extract (e.g. using WinZip) the contents to any directory of your choice. Then the program can be installed by executing the file SETUP.EXE from that directory.
The installation files may not always be based on the latest revision of pDRAW32, so after installation always check above to see if a newer version exists.
pDRAW32 installation files revision 1.1.133  (5.9 MB)
pDRAW32setup133.zip July 23 2017

Installation - version 1.1.130:
This version kept here to allow internet caches to update. Use the version above if you can download it.
pDRAW32 installation files revision 1.1.130  (5.9 MB)
pDRAW32setup130.zip May 17 2016

The above installation package, which is compiled on a Windows 7 PC, occationally can not be installed on Vista or XP. In that case, please try this installation package compiled on a Windows 2000 PC: Download. If prompted to replace or keep newer OCX and DLL files, please click "keep newer". If this resolved your installation problem, please report by e-mail indicating your operating system.
If you experience any other problems installing pDRAW32 please read here.

Recent versions of Wine will run pDRAW32 with the default dll's.
In case you need to install pDRAW32 on an older version of Linux and Wine, the LinuxPack provides the nessesary files to set up Wine using native dll's

For Linux Installations ONLY