Licensing pDRAW32
pDRAW32 is shareware and may be used unlicensed. 

However, licensing pDRAW32 gives you additional benefits. A licensed installation of pDRAW32 does not require regular upgrading, although it is of cause still possible and recommended to upgrade to the newest revision regularly. This also ensures your existing data entered in the pDRAW32 format.

Additional benefits may become available to licensed installations in the future.

To obtain a license do the following:

1: First use the secure link below to purchase one or more licenses at MyCommerce

MyCommerce accepts major credit cards and will send an invoice upon completing your transaction.
2: When you have received confirmation of your purchase from
MyCommerce have users send e-mails to containing the computer specific seed number generated on the licensing form together with the MyCommerce purchase number. Preferentially gather all seed numbers and send in a single e-mail. 
3: The license number matching the seed numbers will be e-mailed back – normally within a few working days.
Make sure to check also your spam folder in this time, as the nature of the reply is seen as spam by some virus scanners. 

4: Finally, enter your license number(s) into the licensing form and click "activate". Note that your license number will only work on the computer that generated the license seed number.