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pDRAW32 is not dead!

Enquiries are beginning to pour in - quite understandable. However there is a technical reason why the next revision of pDRAW32 is being held back. A new file format will be required to enable new user annotation customization. Several revisions back a file format check was coded into pDRAW32, so that old versions of the executable should refuse to open the new file version but encourage its user to upgrade to the latest revision of pDRAW32. However, while this worked in the development environment, it turned out NOT to work in the compiled program unfortunately this was not discovered until after executables with this code had been released. 

So, to protect you users from old revisions of pDRAW32 from corrupting your data files of the new file format, the new revision of pDRAW32 will not be released until just before the current revision runs out in August 2008. Sorry for the inconvenience and insecurity this may have caused.

Obviously, the new revision of pDRAW32 will be able to read the old file format and will automatically convert it to the new format.

June 2nd, 2008
AcaClone Software


The installation files may not always contain the most recent revision of the pDRAW32 executable or the pDRAW32 restriction enzyme data file. If a more recent version of any of these files exists, you should download it and overwrite the corresponding files in your pDRAW32 installation directory. 

Upgrading files
pDRAW32.EXE revision 1.1.97 (312 kb) Note: 
Upgrading from revision 1.1.75 or before requires
complete reinstallation of the program due to new
development software being used since 1.1.74 and
new OCX'es added since 1.1.76.
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pDRAW32.zip Date = Aug. 5th 2007
Restriction enzyme data file (6 kb) enzymes.zip Date = March 8th 2006
Restriction enzyme data file including
I-CeuI, I-PpoI, I-SceI, PI-PspI, PI-SceI homing enzymes (6 kb)
Gateway aat sites and Cre/loxP
Note: homing enzymes treated as
restriction enzymes (perfect match required)
for the time beeing.
homing.zip Date = March 8th 2006

Mirror sites:
Occasionally bandwidth is low (or absent) at one of the pDRAW32 mirror sites. If you are experiencing slow bandwidth or other problems downloading try to go to an other mirror site and download from there
Site 1 http://www.acaclone.com/
Site 2 http://home.get2net.dk/acaclone/
Site 3 http://cellbiol.com/~acaclone/